.NET Hiring November

Took place
30 November 2020 (Monday)

We offer .NET specialists to go through all the steps of the hiring process and receive our offer in the same day. The signing bonus is $1,000–1,500.

  1. Successfully pass all the stages
  2. Receive an offer from DataArt
  3. Accept it in 24 hours and get the signing bonus.

Know more and apply

1. Application Process

Sign up for DataArt .NET Hiring Month with your CV or LinkedIn profile. We will match your experience with our opportunities and contact you to arrange all the steps.

All the stages of the recruitment process will be organized online.

2. Interview process

On the selected dates, you will have:

  • HR interview
  • English check
  • Technical interview

If you successfully pass all the stages, you will be given an offer at the same day.

3. Join DataArt Team

Once the offer is made, we will be ready to sign it. If you’ve come to the decision that DataArt is the place where you would like to build your future career, then we sign the contract.

In case you accept the offer within 24 hours after it is made, the signing bonus is $1,000–1,500.

Know more and apply

.NET Developers are in demand in numerous projects like the ones below
Payment Systems

Skills required: .NET Core, OOP, SOLID, HTTP, RESTful design, SQL, NoSQL, Cloud

Reorganizing the client’s IT system by improving the user interface and providing backend development services. The client is a UK-based fintech startup that conducts more than a million foreign exchange transactions annually.


Investment System

Skills required: .NET Core frameworks, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL, Web API, MS SQL

Development and upgrade of the systems of the international association of financial industry professionals. The company unites 200 thousand investment experts. 200+ different applications are in use.

Digital Health Platform

Skills required: .Net Framework, .Net Standard, .Net Core, WebAPI, AWS, Azure

Expanding the functionality for a digital health platform and migration of the system to a microservice architecture. The platform allows obtaining an online consultation from a therapist within few minutes.

Scheduling Service

Skills required: .NET / C#, React.js, AWS, T-SQL

Development of a medical appointment booking platform. More than 10 million US residents use the platform in 2000+ locations. DataArt helps the customer to grow and ensure their stability of growth.

Game-Tech Solutions

Skills required: .NET/C#, Microservices, streaming tools & technologies, CI/CD automation

Building development teams, working on application design including decomposition to microservices, front-end transformation, and the development of mobile platforms. The customer is a California based game-tech company that is driving front-to-back gaming platforms. APPLY >>>

Registry App

Skills required: .NET Core frameworks, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL, Web API, IoC Containers

Development of an application that is designed to help people schedule appointments, pay medical bills, review test results, and receive notifications about scheduled appointments to doctors.

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