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Zed — EPAM’s global conference for experts

Took place
30 November — 04 December 2020

Join Zed — EPAM’s global conference for experts (Nov 30 — Dec 4)!

You are welcome to join Zed Conference which is scheduled for November 30-December 4, 2020.

What is Zed? Zed is EPAM’s annual Software Engineering Conference (SEC) reimagined. We are taking the same great practice of bringing together our top experts, partners, communities, and customers for an annual event but adapting it for a larger, global audience by moving to a virtual model.

In addition to the Main Agenda we are happy to announce the Community Agenda! EPAM internal communities are now preparing cool and practical talks and activities. Which directions will be explored at Zed Conference?

● Data
● EngX
● Blockchain
● Testing
● DevOps
● Mobile
● Agile
● Design
● Java
● Technology Mux
● Solution Architecture
● Business Analysis & Product Management

What to expect? Inspiring networking, a lot of engaging activities that give hands-on experience, highly rated speakers from global and local communities, and even more: secret activities.

For more information about our Zed Conference, its new format, or event details, visit our Zed Conference page on Community-Z.

If you have questions regarding the conference, please contact us at OrgZed@epam.com.

We are looking forward to connecting with you at Zed!


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