27 — 28 сентября 2013
Kiev, Ukraine

Be ready for the party!

This year in Kiev, September 27-28th we are proud to present you the 4th annual RubyShift 2013, an independent non-profit conference on Ruby and satellite technologies with accent on making new friends, being inspired, and having fun.


Nick Sutterer
Nick Sutterer is proud to be a member of the Ruby open source community. His Cells and Apotomo projects have been bringing increased view modularity and event-driven programming to Rails for years. He has enjoyed attending, and speaking at, Ruby conferences around the world. Buy him a beer sometime, and with very little prompting, he will tell you why there should be no such thing as a double-render error, why you should not confuse your models with your resources, and how to play a mean bass in a punk rock band.

Kevin Triplett
Two Cartoon Foxes: The _why Documentary
A programmer and artist, Kevin has been making films since he became a wee lad, back in the early 1970s. He hails from Texas and is currently a nomad, whereabouts unknown.

Akira Matsuda
CRuby core member, Probably the most active Rails core contributor in Japan, the founder of a Japanese Ruby community Asakusa.rb.

Konstantin Haase
OSS developer. Conference-goer. Maintainer of Sinatra, full time developer on Travis CI, was full time on Rubinius, core team member of Rack, Tilt and many more.

Martin Boßlet
Krypt. Semper Pi.
Martin is a freelancer by day, by night he is also a member of ruby-core, one of the maintainers of the Ruby OpenSSL extension and the author of krypt. Cryptography is his passion, and not only after the epiphany he had once realizing that his last name carries »ssl« in it.

Dimitri Krassovski
Ruby, Multidispatch and ponies
We’ve all grown into loving a praising Ruby. It is indeed a great language, but are there things out there we’re missing out? Multidispatch? List Comprehensions? Pattern Matching? A short journey into other languages, their paradigms, and how we live without them. Also, ponies!

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