Free online course “Data-Focused Programming (with Python, AI/ML)” by InoXoft

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16 April (Friday)

InoXoft is launching a programming course focused on the foundation of modern companies — data. This is a 10-week course covering the full stack of technologies available to the modern programmer, with a specific focus on long-supported and much-loved open-source technologies like Python, C, and UNIX.

Being mentored by InoXoft CTO Brad Flaugher, you will learn how working with data can nourish your steady career as a software developer. The promise of learning programming in a “Data-Focused” way means that as long as customers and users are generating data, you can be gainfully employed helping them unleash that data’s potential for their businesses.

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Start date: 11 May 2021

Registration: Open until 16 April 2021

Duration: 10 weeks

Course language: English with a native speaker (Upper-Intermediate is a must)

Course format: Online

Cost: Free

During the course, you will:

  • Get introduced to important computer science topics in a data-focused way.
  • Learn the basics of how to make Web APIs (back-ends) and websites (frontends),
  • Get a deep understanding of the data that powers them
  • Learn the basics of creating world-class data applications and Machine Learning models that use any type of data (numeric, text, image).

We match if you have:

  • Interest in Machine Learning and data
  • Upper-Intermediate (B2) English spoken and written level (a must)
  • Good math skills (statistics and/or probability)
  • Experience with one programming language (will be a plus)


The course is mentored by Brad Flaugher, a CTO at InoXoft. Brad is an experienced developer and team leader with a demonstrated history of working in fintech, adtech, logistics, deep learning, and IoT. The strong information technology professional, skilled in a wide variety of open-source and enterprise tech stacks and infrastructures.

Contact us:

Facebook www.facebook.com/AcademyXHub

Instagram www.instagram.com/inoxoft_team

Підписуйтеся на Telegram-канал @junior_dou_ua, щоб дізнаватися про найактуальніші можливості для початківців.

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