Workshop “Micronaut vs Spring Boot. Rise of new star”

Took place
25 May (Tuesday)

Spring Framework was created in 2001 as a lightweight alternative to Java EE, providing flexible support for IoC(DI).

It happened 20 years ago and a lot of new projects have joined Spring ecosystem:

— We use Spring Boot to bootstrap and auto-configure our applications

— Spring Data is excellent choice to access both relational and NoSQL datastores

— Spring Cloud provides smooth integration with technologies used in microservice applications

So Spring platform is de-facto standard for modern enterprise development with Java/Kotlin. But is Spring still lightweight and efficient for the projects where performance is vital?

— Android (or simple command-line) projects

— Serverless applications (AWS Lambda, Oracle Cloud Functions)

— Cloud infrastructure

In 2018 a team of Grails developers started new project called Micronaut. Their main goal was to create a lightweight IoC container with minimal memory consumption and startup time. Moreover it natively supported GraalVM native images and was reactive-based by default.

In this workshop we will review existing Spring Boot project and try to migrate it to Micronaut step-by-step. It will allow us to compare key differences between two projects and focus at the small details at the same time. So in general we will analyze the following criteria:

1) Features and API

2) Efficiency and performance

3) Reactive and functional programming

4) GraalVM support

The speaker is Sergiy Morenets, back-end developer with more than 21 years of programming experience, frequent speaker at Java conferences in Ukraine and Europe.

This workshop will start on May 25th, at 19:30 EET. You will receive email with live broadcast link two days before the start.

Registration link:​-rise-of-new-star?lang=en

This is online workshop for Java developers of any level.

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