ROS UA Community Turns 4

Took place
20 — 22 April

ROS UA Birthday 🎉

Hey-hey Robotics people!

This year ROS UA turns 4. The Robot Operating System or just ROS is a flexible framework for writing robot software. It was created to encourage collaborative robotics software development. And we think that the birthday of the community is the perfect way to increase awareness and find like-minded people to improve the sphere of robotics.

Share this celebration with us and join our series of webinars to find out more about the updates from the robotics world.

Participation is free, just register and then get all details and your link to the webinar♥

Moreover, we prepared gifts that you will have a chance to win at the end of each speech. So, join us!


April, 20 at 19:00

Illia Sheremet, a modest contributor to the UAVCAN open-source protocol. Eight years of full-stack UAV development — hardware, low/high-level onboard software, GCS, and test procedures. During the past two years, Illia is performing as a project manager.

🤖 Topic: “Best practices for reliable robotics software continuous integration and delivery”

We will talk about the bladeInsight development and the ROS-based software production workflow.

Language: English; Q&A can be in Ukrainian as well.

April 21 at 19:00

Yuriy Fedyuk, Senior Robotics Engineer at SoftServe. More than 7 years in IT, worked as an embedded developer at Siemens Healthineers.

🤖 Topic: “Integration tests for robots in AWS RoboMaker”

We will talk about the several types of tests in robotics that will be useful for mobile platforms moving in 2D.

Language: Ukrainian

April 22 at 19:00

Bogdan Yarushevskyi, Lead Software Developer at GlobalLogic Ukraine with 13 years of experience in telecommunication and embedded systems based on ARM microcontrollers.

Andriy Petlovanyy, Senior Solution Architect at GlobalLogic, Head of Software at Shadow Robot. Founder of ROS Ukraine robotics community.

🤖 Topic: “How to make firmware for the robot?”

Here you will get more knowledge on the history of building firmware to work in GL Roboclub. What tools to use to simplify writing and maintaining code? How to connect work with ROS infrastructure and debug the robot on-board computer?

Language: Ukrainian

Moderator: Andriy Petlovanyy, Senior Solution Architect at GlobalLogic, Head of Software at Shadow (4+ years worked at Shadow), co-founder of ROS Ukraine Robotics Community, 18+ years experience in IT.


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