Wix Talks Online: Front End

22 апреля (четверг)

Join our Front End online meetup on Spatial.Chat Platform!

● Link to the event will only be visible to people who RSVP.
● The meetup will take place in the online platform — spatial.chat | no need for account
● The online meetup will be held on April 22, 18:00, Kyiv Time Zone, GMT +2:00

// Web Workers: why do you need them? — Alexey Kupriyanenko

In this talk, we will cover the topic of concurrency and asynchrony in javascript.
We will take a look at how the API for Web Workers has evolved and changed depending on community requests. Alexey will explain how we use them in Wix and answer your questions.

// Wix Components Studio — Taras Matyashovskyi, Tetiana Mandziuk, and Alexey Lebedev

During this brief talk, you will get acquainted with the Wix Innovations team and what we do. In particular, you would get a glimpse of a new product inside the Wix ecosystem — Wix Components Studio. It is an IDE for React Components that enables team members from all disciplines to easily access, validate and discuss their components on the same platform. We will stretch a surface of a few technical challenges we are dealing with — pluggable architecture (and what that means), code analysis, and generation.

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Link to the event will only be visible to people who RSVP.

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