Apache Airflow Workshop

Took place
22 April (Thursday)

Hi and welcome to Apache Airflow Workshop!

On Thursday, April 22, we’ll explore Apache Airflow as a modern and the most effective orchestration tool for Big Data Developers. We’ll make a short overview of the Apache Airflow architecture at this online workshop and then dive into a live session.

The practical part will contain:

— Building a pipeline with sensors and several operators,
— Writing the results from our pipeline to the database,
— Setting up notifications in Telegram for the successful pipeline results,
— Live discussion: the distribution of the tasks by workers, why pools are so essential.


— Vladimir Baev, Delivery Manager
— Andrey Elistratov, Big Data Developer
— Sevak Avetisyan, Senior Big Data Developer

Join us and win Martin Kleppmann’s e-book “Designing Data-Intensive Applications” for the most tricky question.

When: Thursday, April 22, 5 pm CET
Where: online
Event is free to attend. Will be conducted in English.
Sign up: bit.ly/3mv6sPm
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See you!

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