Dev.Pro JS Conference

Took place
22 May (Saturday)
450 UAH

Are you ready for the coolest JS event this spring? You got it: it’s the Dev.Pro JS Conference!

Why should you absolutely not miss this conference? Let’s see:

> This is not just a few hours via zoom and a couple of speakers. We’re aiming for an altogether more serious level! Our event will take place on the Spatial Chat platform, where you will have the opportunity to move freely between rooms, move and communicate with participants to get to know each other, unite in groups to chat, and much more. We just wanted to put offline networking into the online — and we did it!

> We’ve brought together so many amazing speakers from all over the world that we couldn’t fit everything into a single day. Therefore, the conference will run for two days and 12 speeches and 2 workshops will be waiting for you. All speeches will run in parallel, and you can easily navigate between them. Workshops will take place at the end of each day and combine the two streams.

> The schedule will be busy, but we’ve selected topics and workshops in such a way that they will be as informative as possible and cover several frameworks at once.

> We strive not only to share knowledge, but also to do it in a safe and friendly environment. Both speakers and participants adhere to our Code of Conduct so that everyone can feel comfortable.

> We will donate part of the proceeds from ticket sales to charity. We will direct our help toward fighting COVID-19.

And, finally, the details:

  • Date and time: May 22-23 at 10:45
  • Place: Spatial Chat Platform
  • Speeches will be in the speaker’s language (Rus / Ukr / Eng)
  • Early bird ticket price: 450 UAH
  • Registration:

We will be glad to see absolutely everyone, and remember — knowledge has no boundaries! See you at the conference!

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