Scala3 Release Party

Took place
23 April (Friday)

Register for the event here —

We will have a separate video call in parallel to the event just for Kyiv Scala Group members who want to chat about Scala or anything else, which you can join here:

Event Info:

On April 23rd join Scala 3 Release Party 🎉 and hear from the team standing behind the long-awaited Scala 3 release headed by Martin Odersky himself.


Our venue will be open 30 minutes before the event to let you get acquainted with other attendees.

Part I

Lightning talks featuring My Take On Scala 3 from 4 different perspectives brought to you by Tomasz Godzik (Software Developer @VirtusLab), Daniela Sfregola (Senior Software Developer), Daniel Spiewak (Principal Engineer @Disney Streaming Services) and Wiem Zine Elabidine (Software Developer).

Part II

The series of talks will be followed by a Q&A session with Martin Odersky (Creator of Scala language), Guillaume Martres(PhD student @LAMP/EPFL), Nicolas Stucki (Software engineer and PhD student @EPFL), Sébastien Doeraene (Technical Director @Scala Center)and Krzysztof Romanowski (Head of Dev & Scala Tooling @VirtusLab). It’ll be hosted by Darja Jovanovic (Executive Director @Scala Center).

Part III

Last but not least — Afterparty

As for now — make sure to register and prepare your questions for the Q&A!

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