GT&Rio: How AI and tech can drive sustainability to make a real change in the world

Took place
25 May (Tuesday)
Online (Zoom)

Join out 1 hour webinar on an incredible topic of sustainability, eco-friendly technologies and innovation that make a real positive impact in the world 🌱.

The guests of this event are:
— Andy Baynes, former Environmental Technologies Executive from Apple, Nest Labs (created a line of smart home products), and Google. CEO and Co-Founder at Global Talent
— Rob Bresler, Technical Director at Rio, Intelligent ESG & Sustainability Management Software, a sustainability consultant working at the forefront of circular economy initiatives and innovations for over 10 years.
— Brian Flynn, Software Engineering Manager at Rio, Intelligent ESG & Sustainability Management Software (, with 10+ years of experience managing the development of sustainability tech solutions. Rio AI uses patented ’artificial intelligence’ queries and data analytics supported by expert advice to provide the next generation of sustainability consultancy services.

Register —​lfrHFy80OQB8rPoYZMmTwOTkc

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