Openware Hackademy

Took place
26 July (Monday)

Become a Full-Stack Samurai

Master Linux, Cloud-Native Apps & Blockchain

California-based Openware Inc launches on 15th July 2021 a brand-new educational IT Hackademy facility in National Ukrainian Kyiv Polytechnical University (NTUU KPI) to teach a new generation of software developers the exciting Cloud and Blockchain technologies.

Apply now as a Hackademy Student!

The education in Openware Hackademy is forever free for young students — all you got to have is programming skills to pass the HackerRank entrance exams.

Hackademy is multinational, and the lessons are provided in the English language.

What skillset will you acquire in the Hackademy?

We will equip you with the most trending software development skills of 2021 to help you get new exciting employment opportunities!

  • Solid software development background, Linux, scripting.
  • Experience with open-source projects and Git codebases.
  • Knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and cryptography.
  • Proficiency in popular high-performance programming languages such as C, Golang, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, etc.
  • Proficiency in popular cloud-native app development stack like Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, Vault, Kafka, Drone, etc.
  • Understanding how P2P (peer-to-peer) networks work.

What will you learn at the Openware Hackademy?

You will learn the basics of development methodologies, like Agile, Scrum, and Kanban, modern cloud containerization technologies used by Google, Amazon, and Microsoft every day to power billions of dynamic web applications, as well as Crypto and Blockchain technologies from Openware DevOps experts.

  • Agile, Scrum & Kanban development practices
  • Modern cloud-native development practices
  • Linux from scratch & Shell scripting
  • System programming with C language
  • Ruby on Rails development
  • Fullstack Web development
  • React and Redux for responsive applications
  • Golang microservice for cloud-native apps
  • DevOps practices with Cloud Automation
  • Containerized application development w/ Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm
  • Infrastructure as Code provisioning using Terraform
  • Configuration as Code provisioning using Drone

Top Hackademy alumni are welcome to join the company at very competitive salary rates to help us forge the future of financial software technologies.

How to apply to the Hackademy

Click here to apply as an Openware Crypto Hackademy Student!

After filling the short contact form, you will receive a HackerRank exam link to your mailbox after the review. If you pass (or hack) HackerRank, consider yourself a student!

The official Hackademy grand opening is July 15th 2021. Top HackerRank scores are invited to the opening party with the DJ, pizza, beers, and the IT geek crowd.

The first lessons start July 26th 2021. Apply now!

Learn more about the Hackademy:​l-university-6ad00b8f2a9b​kyiv-ukraine-829e2a46f064

Підписуйтеся на Telegram-канал @junior_dou_ua, щоб дізнаватися про найактуальніші можливості для початківців.

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