On the Way to Success: Salesforce Solution Architect Journey (подія в архіві)

Took place
10 August 2021 (Tuesday)

What is the recipe for success and what it takes to land a dream job as Salesforce Solution Architect? The guests of our discussion will unveil the secrets of success and share their stories. We will figure out how Salesforce has evolved during the time and how it influenced the Solution Architecture career path. The speakers will define the scope of coding for Solution Architect and of course share the valuable tips of becoming a mature Solution Architect.


Alok Agnihotri has 16+ years of experience in diversified industry domains ranging from large-scale firms to small and medium Organizations. He has 12+ years of rich experience as a Lead Salesforce Architect and Enterprise Architect.

Andriy Lokotosh is a seasoned expert with a profound background in Salesforce Solution Architecture. Not only has Andriy almost a full collection of Salesfocre certificates (20!), but also hands-on experience as SA in a variety of projects in ISV and High-tech, Financial Services, Retail and other industries. In his free time Andriy spreads Salesforce knowledge as a lead and active contributor to Salesforce Admin Group in Ukraine.

Vikas Pandey is a Salesforce certified application architect with over 8 years of Industry experience. His architectural style is referential, where he likes to document best practices, calls out for caveats early in implementation, and tries to reach an optimal solution. Away from work, he is an ardent supporter of Manchester City Football club and Cryptocurrencies.

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