Webinar ‘Using Monorepo philosophy and Bazel for Java projects’ (событие в архиве)

Took place
14 September 2021 (Tuesday)

SSA Group invites the Middle and Senior software developers to our eleventh webinar ‘Using Monorepo philosophy and Bazel for Java projects’.

Speaker — Artem Dorokhin, Software Architect

The Monorepo philosophy will be in the focus of our upcoming online event. During the webinar, we will examine the essential factors to consider when implementing the Monorepo approach and the efficiency of using Bazel for building and compiling the monorepo strategy.

The speaker will share his practical experience of building monorepo repository in Java. However, the webinar will be useful for Java specialists and the Middle+ level developers using other technology stacks but striving to automate software creation and testing.


1) What is a Monorepo strategy, and what issues does it solve?
2) Monorepo approach implementation: primary challenges and ways of solving.
3) The potential of using Bazel in the Monorepo concept.
4) An example of coding in Java projects.

Language: English, Russian

Free entry, all participants should sign up: bit.ly/2VOLRwn

Please ensure the email address is correct.

See you online on September 14, at 6:30 pm!

More details on the event pages:

🔗 Linkedin: bit.ly/3ssgTpV

🔗 Facebook: bit.ly/3jZAqKp

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