Love. Tech. Problems. from the DevFest Ukraine

Took place
01 October (Friday)
Lviv, MolodoZeleno
250-500 грн

All of us are soooooo tired from hearing ideas from screens and having an afterparty in the kitchen. Drinking beer. Alone.

So, we invite you to spend a great Friday in MolodoZeleno, hearing talks from cool speakers, drinking cocktails on a terrace, and connecting with awesome people.

Our speakers and talks:
— Dan Syrotynskyy and Nick Urs „Retrospective and pain of indie game developers”;
— Sergiy Mokiyenko and Mykhailo Pustovit „Wix 404 bar talks — open-source, cache invalidation and how the 404 error can send you on a business trip”;
— Ivan Danyliuk „How to make apps better, safer and 10x cheaper”;
— Cержа Міськіва „Терпи, козаче, отаманом будеш!”.

At the event, we will speak about real problems our speakers have faced working in mobile development. Not a problem you can solve reading documentation, but a major fuck-up that made our speakers work all night. Simple talks about unexpected troubles and how to deal with them.

Is it a fuck-up night? Oh, no. It’s something better. Come and feel this format.

Event info in facts:
— 1 October, 18:00
— Lviv, MolodoZeleno
— 5+ Speakers from Ukrainian products
— 50+ developers
— Real stories, real conversations, and one hell of a party!

Tickets are available here:

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