Kotlin TechTalks@Lohika/Capgemini Engineering

Took place
29 September (Wednesday)
Kharkiv, Blagovischenska str. 1, Fabrika Space

Dmytro Zaitsev, TechLead at Lohika/Capgemini Engineering
TechTalk: Improve code quality with Static Analysis Tools

Testing and code review aren’t the only ways to improve the quality of your code.
Some of the tasks of finding bugs, vulnerabilities, security flaws, and ensuring conformance to coding guidelines can and should be delegated to linters.
We will talk about the most popular solutions and how to implement and enforce custom rules in your codebase.

About speaker: Dmytro is one of the first Kotlin’s Witnesses and an active member of the Android community. He’s been taming the green robot for over a decade, most recently in dentistry and pediatric audiology.

Andrеy Kolodnitskiy, Staff engineer at Lohika/Capgemini Engineering
TechTalk: From Java to Kotlin. Lessons learnt and main Kotlin features

This talk is dedicated to switching big teams from Java to Kotlin and main lessons learnt during the switch.
Overview of main Kotlin features will be provided and specifically we would discuss the coroutines and how those are working.

About speaker:
Andrеy Kolodnitskiy is Staff engineer in the Lohika and his primary focus is around distributed systems, microservices and JVM based languages.
Majority of time engineers spend debugging and fixing the issues. This talk will be dedicated to best practicies and tools Andrеys team uses on its project which do help to find issues more efficiently.

The participation in TechTalks is free.

Please note that TechTalks materials require at least 3 years of commercial experience in SW engineering.
As the numbers of seats in the conference hall is limited, 70 first applicants will be able to visit TechTalks.
You will receive the confirmation on the email you’ve left in the application form.

Registration: https://forms.office.com/r/TrP2nrP3wz

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