Node.js Hackaton at Cogniance (событие в архиве)

2 — 3 ноября 2013
Киев, ул. Боженко 86О, Cogniance

Professionals from Kiev will come up together at Cogniance company to create apps using the increasingly popular server-side JavaScript environment Node.js.

Are you creative, professional and adventurous engineer? Cool enough to make the awesome app in 24 hours? Come and win!

Cool T-Shirts, awesome prizes and the whole night of coding waits for you. Event starts on Saturday, November 2nd at 12AM and finishes on Sunday, November 3rd. Check out our super nice and cozy office on Bozhenko 86 O.

12.00 — Intro
12.30 — Dividing into teams, brainstorming, thinking of the coolest idea.
13.00 — Hackathon starts!!!
16.00 — Coffee and snacks
21.00 — Dinner
22.00 — Night of coding
09.00 — Breakfast
11.00 — Technical review of each project (bring it on!)
12.00 — Awards

Do not miss it!
The number participants is limited.

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