Software Architecture Webinar

Took place
14 October (Thursday)

We are announcing a webinar from Developers Shore — “Software Architecture” with Christoffer Ekeroth.

As a software project grows in size, so does its complexity. This can lead to code that’s error-prone, hard to understand and difficult to modify.

However, most of these problems can be mitigated by breaking apart the system into decoupled components. To help guide this process we can use Software Architecture, a set of patterns and strategies for managing large code bases.

In this webinar we will cover what Software Architecture is, what it’s used for and how it can be applied in practice. We will also review some common architectural patterns and their different benefits and drawbacks.

📣 Language — English
⏰ October 14, 13.00-14.00 (Kyiv time)
👉 Registration —

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