MeetUP Introduct Flutter Day (событие в архиве)

Took place
30 November (Tuesday)

MeetUP Introduct Flutter Day — it’s a meeting of Flutter enthusiasts.

If you want to learn more about the art of working with Flutter and ask questions to people who do interesting projects — welcome!

Date and time: November 30, 16:00

Place: Online

Cost: Free

Language: Russian + English

Reports and speakers:

Vasyl Dytsiak/ Senior Flutter developer, Team lead
Writing forms without going crazy with JSON mess

“I dove into form engines investigation to find the suitable one for production use which will be reliable. All form engines had similar flaws — JSONAPI. I want to share my experience on form engines options with my story of writing code generator for reactive_forms which saves me from JSON api mess”

Speaker language: Russian

Darel Bitsy / Senior Flutter developer, Team lead

Development Process for Effective Flutter Team

“We will look at practices, architecture, guidelines and tools that will help you develop your flutter app effectively. The focus is on team, but the same practices and guidelines can be applied if you’re working alone. We will talk about things like trunk based development on Flutter, Architecture guideline, tests and testing rules and more.”

Speaker language: English

Registration for the event by link

We will send the link to the broadcast to the e-mail specified during registration. Therefore, please indicate the current and correct e-mail address.

See you!

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