Secure Foundation365 Course

2 — 3 April
1100 eur

We can help you with digital security, so you can concentrate on your business.

The biggest threat to small and medium-sized businesses is not targeted hacker attacks, but attempts to trick employees into opening attachments, providing sensitive information, or sending money. The digital value chains are not stronger than the weakest link. After all, the security of your business can be crucial to protecting your customers. As early as 2015, the National Security Authority warned that hackers use small subcontractors to break into large companies. It can give them control over great values and critical infrastructure.

Experis Secure Foundation365

Experis Secure Foundation365 consists of six modules that are an annual safety and maturity evaluation of the company, with tailored recommendations to management, protection against attacks via e-mail, an e-learning program and regular safety tips for all employees. Experis Secure Foundation365 consists of the following six services:

1. Condition report

2. Protection

3. Phishing campaign

4. Training (e-learning)

5. Cyber security tips

6. Security consultant

The course will take place offline in Kyiv.

Organized by SFox

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Interview with the trainer Stein A. J. Mollerhaug

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