Webinar “Crossplane — new IaC player with a GitOps approach” (событие в архиве)

Took place
15 December 2021 (Wednesday)

How many times have you faced an issue that your applications inside the Kubernetes cluster required additional cloud resources like AWS S3 bucket? It surely happens quite often. The Crossplane will help you with managing cloud resources inside any cloud provider with an understandable, easy-to-read yaml language Join our webinar to learn about Crossplane and get the best practical cases.


● Introduction and use cases
● Components and work examples
● Demo session
● Q&A session

Who might be interested:

DevOps and Middle/Senior developers

About the speaker:

With 9 years of development experience, Volodymyr Shynkar has successfully migrated, deployed, and provided consulting for 15 projects for the healthcare, gambling, eCommerce, and automotive industries. Volodymyr is a certified SAFe Agile software developer.

How to join:

Please register following this link: forms.gle/MmhKr5qKDbA65XjB8
The webinar is free, but the number of participants is limited due to technical reasons.
✅ Please, provide your email during the registration for more detailed instructions.

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