Stage of Java (подія в архіві)

Took place
11 February (Friday)

Online conference about Java
Java — language the universe is probably written on

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Software developer, Test engineer, DevOps or who ever you are if you are using Java!

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3 tracks
16 sessions

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16 TOP Speakers

About Conference

11 of February we will cover topics like Core, Server-side, Cloud-Native Java, Architecture, Cloud Platforms and much more.


Join for no less than 16 sessions about the present and the future of Java technology stack — Core, Server-side, Cloud-Native Java, Architecture, Cloud Platforms and much more. A dedicated Slack channel will allow you to interact with the speakers, ask questions and gather with your peers. We pride ourselves on serving full HD quality and professional video editing.

Among speakers:

Weigend Wolfgang
Master Principal Solution Engineer GraalVM, Germany
“GraalVM 22.0 Concepts & Features”

Mary Grygleski
Senior Developer Advocate, United States
“Benefits of MQTT for IoT Apps and Beyond”

Ana-Maria Mihalceanu
Developer Advocate, Netherlands
“Exploring Quarkus with Java17”

Steve Poole
Developer Advocate, United Kingdom
“Eliminate Java Deserialization Attacks”

Jonathan Vila
Senior Software Engineer, Spain
“Migrating Spring Boot to Quarkus, challenge accepted”

Sven Ruppert
Developer Advocate, Germany
“The SolarWinds Hack and the Executive Order on Cybersecurity happened — It is time to prepare”

Richard Fichtner
Software Architect / CEO, Germany
“A new perspective for agile teams: recognize yourself with process mining”

Dzmitry Bushenka
Solution Architect, Belarus
“Documenting software requirements and architecture: today’s problems, possible solutions”

Vipin Sharma
Vice President, India
“Diagnosing a JVM Crash!”

Markus Kett
CEO, Germany
“Ultra-fast Java In-Memory Database Apps & Microservices with MicroStream”

Maxim Bartkov
Java Team Lead, Ukraine
“Introduce rate-limiting based on the Token Bucket algorithm via Bucket4j into your application”

Mykola Baidykov
Software Engineer, Ukraine
“Spring Java vs Spring Kotlin discussion (pros and cons of Kotlin migration)”


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