Webinar “Implementing Your Test Strategy” (подія в архіві)

Took place
19 January (Wednesday)

Language: English

A Test Plan is the main test artifact of any software project. It describes your test approach and test processes. It’s not necessary to create this document for every project, but you can use some of its parts that can help you describe or resolve testing dependency and generally improve the quality of your project. Join our webinar to learn new insights and discover the best practical approaches.


● What is the test plan and test strategy?
● Does your project really need it?
● What can be included in test artifacts?
● Partial implementation
● How not to lose control of the situation?

Who might be interested:

Manual/Automation QA, DM, Dev Leads.

About the speaker:

Valerii Novik, Test Manager at Intellias. 10+ years of experience in the IT area, 8+ years of experience in Quality Assurance, engagement in 12 projects. ISTQB certificated (Foundation Level, Test Analyst); SCJP, SCJD (Sun Certified Java Programmer/Developer); ICAgile certificated Scrum Master; Certified SAFe Practitioner.

How to join:

Please register following this link: forms.gle/2ry5ApRKCJMMrbo68
The webinar is free, but the number of participants is limited due to technical reasons.
Please, provide your email during the registration for more detailed instructions.

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