Full-Stack Сourse (Node.js + React) (подія в архіві)

Took place
16 May (Monday)
Registration deadline
16 May

InoXoft is launching a programming course focused based on modern companies — data. This is a 10-week course covering the full stack of technologies available to the modern programmer, with a specific focus on long-supported and much-loved open-source technologies like Node.js and React.

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Start date: 31 May 2022
Registration: Open until 16 May 2022
Duration: 10 weeks
Course language: Ukrainian
Course format: Online
Cost: Free

During the course, you will:
· Learn how to build big full-stack apps from scratch
· Learn how to connect Front-End applications (React) with Backend applications (Express, MongoDB, Node.js)
· Learn how to implement JSON Web Tokens for authentication and authorization
· Learn how to implement React Hooks, Async / Await, React Router 6, Axios
· Learn best practices of Front-End and Server applications

We match if you have:
· Experience in working with JavaScript-based, HTML, CSS (a must)
· Understanding databases (SQL, NoSQL) will be a plus
· Level of English — B1 (Intermediate)
· Good analytical skills

Please note that the selection process consists of 2 stages: Logic & English level test and Technical interview.

Contact us:
Facebook www.facebook.com/AcademyXHub
Instagram www.instagram.com/inoxoft_team

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