Webinar “The Salesforce Brick Road — from Administrator to Developer” (подія в архіві)

Took place
24 May (Tuesday)

Wondering what Salesforce Developer World looks like? Save your seat at our free webinar series to reveal this mystery!

We know Salesforce Administrators and Consultants can underestimate or glorify development. It would help if you tried to figure out what it is. This webinar series aims to provide you with a pathway to being a developer, giving basic information as a starting point for further research and study.

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(please, make sure you have registered for all the 3 sessions of this course)


[May 24] How to Think Like a Developer?

  • Selection structures (if/else, case)
  • Iteration structures (for, while, do-while)

[May 31] How to Write Like a Developer?

  • Inline queries
  • Visibility (public, private, scopes)
  • Comments and their importance

[June 7] The Triple Threat

  • How to Do Big Things Like a Developer
  • How to Automate Like a Developer
  • How to Avoid Mistakes Like a Developer

Who will be interested in joining the webinar?

Admins, Consultants, and other Salesforce fans would like to know about Salesforce Development.

Speaker: Luis Andrade Neto, Lead Salesforce Consultant at Ascendix Technologies

  • 10+ years’ experience with Information Technology and 8+ years’ experience with Salesforce
  • Possess strong expertise in Salesforce consulting, analysis and development
  • Held multiple positions in world-class companies

Registration is free. The event is sponsored by Ascendix Technologies.

We will send you an invitation with a personal link to connect by email.

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