Engineering [email protected]: Debugging Microservices — key challenges and techniques (подія в архіві)

Took place
07 June (Tuesday)
Kraków, Plac Nowy 1, or online

We are happy to invite you to our next Engineering [email protected] in Krakow!

Registration is here.

Let`s find out the best practices and tools we use on our project, which help to find issues more efficiently.

Microservice architecture is widespread these days. It comes with a lot of benefits and challenges to solve. The main goal of this talk is to go through troubleshooting and debugging in the distributed micro-service world.

The topic would cover the main aspects of:

  • the logging,
  • monitoring,
  • distributed tracing,
  • debugging services on the cluster.

Register here!

Hours: 18:00 (CEST) — till the end of our networking session. We are open to exchanging experiences, getting to know you better, and telling you more about Capgemini Engineering.

Location: Plac Nowy 1, Kraków, or online (but we all miss the offline events, don`t we?)

The presentation will be conducted in English

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