Workshop: Vue2 + TypeScript + VuetifyJS — basics and first app from scratch (подія в архіві)

27 травня (п'ятниця)
Львів, вул. Кульпарківська, 200а, Futura HUB + онлайн


27 травня о 18:00 — Welcome на воркшоп від Влада Гуцала!

🟠 Agenda:

— In the beginning, we’ll talk a little about frontend frameworks and the VueJS especially.

— After the short intro, we will be creating a VueJS application from scratch. Discussing and developing the project structure, creating views and components, and talking about the VueJS magic, e.g., reactivity, directives, and single-file components. And Googling, as it’s a part of our jobs.

— The app itself it’s a single-page application with two screens — one with text fields, the second with data from those fields. We will have a backend URL, which is going to handle the logic. What to wait for? Vue2 Options API with TypeScript, two views, a bunch of components, and Vuetify.

— This is going to be fun. I want to show you that the frontend development could be interesting. This workshop targets those who are just started or want to start working with VueJS, so there will be no „deep dive under the hood.”

🟠 The format:
This workshop is a live coding with:

— discussions about what is happening on the screen;
— answering the questions on the go;
— Googling things;
— solving tasks by example.

🟠 Required environment setup (more env requirements will be announced later in our Telegram):

— Install NPM with NodeJS:
— Install Vue CLI:

🟠 Needed experience:

— At least 1-year of development experience
— Basic JS syntax — objects, functions (Learn more here)
— Basic HTML and CSS syntax

🟠 Best to have experience:

— JS arrow functions;
— US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Functions/Arrow_functions;
— JS template strings;
— Development experience with JavaScript or TypeScript;

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