Online Meet-up “(Not) Simple Steps to Delivery Management” (подія в архіві)

Took place
31 May (Tuesday)

At some point, there comes a moment when middle and senior developers start thinking: what’s next? Where to move further in your career? And, of course, those, who identify themselves as leaders and problem-solvers, consider the transition from engineering to management. In particular, delivery management.

It goes without saying that you know what Delivery Managers are responsible for: planning, delivering products, and leading their team. But how to learn this in practice to make the transition from developer to manager smoother? And what are the essentials of DM?

🚩 Let us discuss it during (Not) Simple Steps to Delivery Management Online Meet-up for middle and senior developers on May 31 🚩

To disclose the topic better, we invited experts involved in delivery management from two sides: the one who hires Delivery Managers and the one who works as a Delivery Manager. The experts will help overview the occupation, responsibilities, role in the organization, and work requirements for DMs.

Learn more about the speakers and their topics:

— Delivering value  how DM ensures sustainable organizational growth through puzzling passages of business uncertainty by Andrii Troianov, Delivery Manager at Innovecs. He delivered more than 20 projects. Andrii’s portfolio includes the following areas: scalable CRMs, Tavel Management Systems, HR Management systems, online marketing solutions, Fintech, and Healthcare. He also validated his competencies due to worldwide recognized certifications such as PMI’s Agile Certified Practitioner, PMP, IICP-PPM, etc.

— DM: must-have skills for resume & career by Tetiana Roi, Technical Recruiter at Amazon Web Services. Tetiana has 5+ years of experience in the Recruitment field (in-house and freelance). She is responsible for hiring technical and non-technical candidates.

(Not) Simple Steps to Delivery Management Meet-up details:

🔴 For whom: Middle, Senior Developers
🔴 Where: online
🔴 When: May 31, your local time: 17:00 (GMT+2), 18:00 (GMT+3), 19:00 (GMT+4), 10:00 (GMT-5)
🔴 How much: free, you have to fill out the registration form:

InnoHub — is an online platform for Engineering Leadership development. Our core purpose is to empower collaborative growth and build a community of engineering leaders. We believe engineering leaders are not only those who lead the team but everyone who develops innovations through everyday tasks as an expert.

Innovecs — is a global digital transformation tech company. Our teams create digital solutions powered by innovative technologies and incorporate emerging trends for ten years to help businesses transform and grow.

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