Аrtificial intelligence technology: summer school (подія в архіві)

Took place
27 June (Monday)

Artificial intelligence is the reality of our present and it is the engine of society’s development. After all, we use the latest technologies every day and we cannot imagine any area of life without them.

Against the background of today’s events, we can see that artificial intelligence can help even at the front line: during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have been once again convinced of its necessity.

So, in order to stimulate the creation of the Аrtificial intelligence innovative programs, Lviv University is launching a traditional summer school dedicated to the study of artificial intelligence technologies „Artificial intelligence technology: summer school”.

AIT is an extremely large-scale project, but in order to implement it, we need partners, including speakers who are willing to share their experiences with students. Therefore, we invite IT companies to join us. After all, through joint efforts, we can create a platform for our students, where everyone will believe in their potential, in their ideas, and in themselves as a future cool specialists in the IT industry.

Last year the project was a great success. After all, it was joined by 14 leading IT companies and about 400 students who actively attended classes and participated in practical workshops.

This year, the training will also be conducted online and consist of both theory and practice. Topics for learning: computer-aided learning, Python basics, Deep learning, mobile development for iOS, Android, etc.

When? 27 June- 8 July 2022

Details? ai.lnu.edu.ua

Facebook Event

This is a great opportunity for students to learn about AI innovations and for companies to share thoughts and experiences. That is why we invite you to cooperate!

We are looking forward to your emails here: [email protected]

We will also be happy if companies are willing to support the school financially or promotionally.

Thank you very much for the support of our general partners — EPAM, official partners — GlobalLogic, Grammarly, SoftServe, and partners — N-iX, Eleks, Folderly, Squad, and Star. With the participation of BAYHOST, KindGeek, Lviv IT Cluster, Fulbright Ukraine, Avenga, APIXDrive, Marketer, and AMCBRIDGE.

The school of artificial intelligence is reaching the international level. After all, among the registered participants are students of foreign educational institutions. Also, this project (and the following ones) was joined by the Representation of the Institute of International Education — Fulbright Program in Ukraine.

We are proud to make education better for young people.

We truly believe that even in such a difficult time we will be able to create a learning environment of high quality for young people!

See you at the summer school „Аrtificial intelligence technology”!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Nation!

Підписуйтеся на Telegram-канал @junior_dou_ua, щоб дізнаватися про найактуальніші можливості для початківців.

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