Official certification course “Extended Fit for Purpose” (подія в архіві)

Took place
6 — 10 June
14:00 — 18:00
900 EUR

We invite you to the training course “Fit for Purpose”. This course teaches you the Fit-for-Purpose framework, which provides marketing and product managers with a new way of understanding customer behavior and identifying customer segments by customer purpose. This course is the official training class of Kanban University, founded by David Anderson — author of the Kanban method. All participants will receive an official internationally recognized certificate of attendance from Kanban University as well as a “Customer Experience Professional” credential.

More information about this course

Note on pricing: if you are Ukrainian who directly suffered from the war (had to relocate, lost your job) and your company isn’t paying for you, and you would like to attend this course, feel free to register yourself by the link above and explain your case in the comments field for very special conditions.

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