Grammarly Tech Week “The Story of Declarative React at Grammarly” (подія в архіві)

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07 June (Tuesday)
free or donation

Join us for 🔸 Grammarly Tech Week 🔸 June 6–10 for a virtual event series on product and engineering topics hosted by our Ukraine team members.

Attendance is free, but we invite participants to make a voluntary donation to trusted organizations that support the people of Ukraine. Resources here:

Topic: The Story of Declarative React at Grammarly
Speaker: Oleksandr Suhak, Software Engineer at Grammarly

Who will be interested: Front-end developers who want to learn new and interesting ways of composing React components and managing side effects.► Where: Online

When: Tuesday, June 7, 18:30
Language: English

18:30–19:30 — Online talk and Q&A session
19:30–20:30 — Networking in separate Zoom rooms

In this talk, we will detail how the team behind the Grammarly Editor approached the composition and state management of React components, the problems we faced over the years, and how these challenges shaped Embrace—the new UI library from the Grammarly Editor team that enables a pure, side effect—free, and declarative way of defining React-based UI.

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