НАБІР ЗАВЕРШЕНО! React Academy by Honeycomb Software (Lviv, Rivne) (подія в архіві)

We give you a perfect opportunity to learn what the job of a React developer is, gain professional insight into it, and acquire effective practical skills necessary to receive your first offer in the career.

No commercial experience in the sphere is required, but it will be a plus if you:

  • Have at least basic knowledge of what software software development process is
  • Have technical education or feel at ease with modern information technologies
  • Intermediate Level English must have
  • Will be able to dedicate at least 4 hours daily to theoretical and practical learning during 3 months

What we offer:

  • Deep theoretical knowledge base
  • Ability to practically refine your developing skills
  • Unique possibility to take part in the knowledge sharing sessions by developers from our team
  • The best trainees will get the opportunity of a job offer.

If you are interested, please send us your CV! Let’s talk!

React academy — Honeycomb Software

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