iLogos Open Doors Day (подія в архіві)

Took place
23 June (Thursday)

Join iLogos Open Doors Day and know the secret of a studio that worked with giants like Sony, EA, Wargaming, and Warner Brothers!

We open our doors and invite you to get acquainted with our leaders, culture, projects, and volunteer initiatives, as well as learn about 50+ current job openings and your professional development perspectives.

Meet our brilliant speakers:
🔹Nikolay Minaiev, CEO and Board Member
🔸Svitlanka Segiichuk, CBDO and Board Member
🔹Egor Piskunov, Head of Development
🔸Alexey Yurchenko, Head of Art
🔹Natalia Kuz, Head of Production
🔸Kateryna Ivanova, Head of Recruiting

And we make games, we play games, and we hope you love it as much as we do! Join us at iLogos Open Door Day and try your luck in the drawing of the NINTENDO SWITCH OLED!

When: June 23, 18:00 EEST
Where: Online

Save your seat now and register now 🚀

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