Big Data Case Study Night #1 (подія в архіві)

6 липня (середа)
Online, Kyiv or Lviv offline

Are you ready?
We are starting the series of the online events Big Data Case Study Nights where we will present various real-life use cases around the subject of Big Data 😉
The first event will be about “Digital Data Platform in enterprise environment” by Igor Katkov, Abiliton Lead Big Data Engineer at SoftServe.
This is your chance to hear about the real practical experience of how SoftServe designed and implemented a Data Platform in Snowflake for one of their clients. Igor Katkov will go through architectural challenges comparing their pros and cons, review issues and limitations they faced there, and observe results achieved in the end.

You gonna learn how to:
🔹 organize Data Platform structure and operations;
🔹 choose the right way for users & roles management;
🔹 design data flows using AWS Glue and Snowpipe;
🔹 load your data directly into Snowflake;
🔹 manage and transform semi-structured data;

Moderator: John Mousa, Senior Solutions Architect at AWS
Watch it Online at home or come to one of our locations in Kyiv or Lviv, and have a great time with like-minded people!

Registration required:
📅 When: 6 PM (GMT+3), July 6, 2022
💻 Where: Online on In-person

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