Meetup HUG Kyiv #14: Terraform (подія в архіві)

Took place
19 July (Tuesday)
18:30 — 20:30

First speaker:
Marcin Wyszynski is a software engineer turned entrepreneur, currently working as a Chief Product Officer at Spacelift. Passionate about infrastructure and automation, he spent eight years at Google and Facebook before becoming a public cloud consultant. Annoyed at the limitations of existing solutions, he built an infrastructure-as-code equivalent of GitHub.

In this talk, Marcin would like to show you a demo of Spacelift, focusing on an innovative policy-based approach to workflow automation, as well as a native seamless collaboration between multiple IaC technologies — Terraform, CloudFormation and Pulumi.

Second speaker:
Pato Arvizu, HUG New York leader
The talk will be about “How to write a Terraform provider”.

Pato is an experienced engineer, managing infrastructure in public cloud environments, and likes to automate anything from smart bulbs to live daytime deployments.
He is also a HashiCorp Ambassador, spending most of his time working on Terraform and Vault, and likes to experiment and innovate with any new and cool cloud technologies he finds (unless he’s watching soccer).

Language: English

Feel free to reach out @MaxymVlasov, if you’d like to prepare a talk on this or future meetups.
The event will be in Zoom and will be broadcast on Youtube. Both links will be added later.

Registration and links here.

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