Charity event “How to Handle Usability Testing: Before, During, and After” (подія в архіві)

Took place
11 August (Thursday)
Poland, Kraków, 11 Na Zjeździe, Techie's
£14 for charity (NGO Save life)

This workshop will be highly beneficial for Product (UX/UI) Designers and Business Analysts working in the digital design industry.

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The topics we will cover:

  • Types of Usability Testing and methods relevant for each case;
  • Psychological tricks that help get helpful answers during the testing;
  • Tips for proper Usability Testing organizing;
  • Working out the results to make design decisions.

You will learn how to outline the audience for Usability Testing, form hypotheses and tasks, and analyze & formalize the results. We’ll also provide examples based on our case studies. And moreover, you will participate in organizing Usability Testing, from setting up goals to processing results in pairs. And all the funds raised will be transferred to a charity organization—NGO Save life.

The speakers:

  • Kate Vitkovska is a Lead Product Designer at Qubstudio. She has over eight years of experience in Product (UX/UI) design and worked mainly with logistics, fintech, banking, and also with B2B and complex solutions. Creating, conceptualizing, and designing applications and websites are Kate’s passions.
  • Joanna Kuzik, a Lead Product Designer, is a certified design thinking specialist, building strong expertise for already seven years at Qubstudio. She’s experienced in healthcare, fintech, entertainment, and many other industries, actively deepening her knowledge in mobile banking (specifically in the Middle East). Testing the solutions for new functionality or improvements with real users is crucial in Joanna’s current project. And making complex things more accessible is her super strength.

The agenda:

1. Deepening into the theoretical part

  • Types of Usability Testing & metrics;
  • Criteria for selecting users for the testing;
  • Creating Usability Testing scenario;
  • Results processing.

2. Applying received information on practice

  • Setting a task;
  • Formulating the right questions;
  • Conducting testing;
  • Processing the results.

This workshop will empower you to conduct quick and fruitful Usability Testings throughout your project to improve the UX design for the digital product you work on.

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