Webinar: How to Improve Your Mobile Project in 1 Day — A Guide for Everyone (подія в архіві)

Took place
17 August (Wednesday)
19:30 — 20:10

We invite you to the free Webinar: How to Improve Your Mobile Project in 1 Day — A Guide for Everyone.

The webinar will take place on August 17th, 2022. Start at 19:30 (GMT+3).

Register for the Webinar here.

You can find more details here.

Have you ever spent long minutes or hours configuring a project, going from person to person to find some answers?

Have you ever had a problem with an empty or laconic Pull Request?

Have you ever spent too much time checking the style instead of the logic in Pull Request?

Have you ever corrected tests after someone because they forgot to check if they work before merging?

Do you think that your project is carried out at the highest level, and you need someone to confirm it for you?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, this talk is just for you!

We will talk about how to improve simply the project with several tools so that we have more time to write super functionalities and watch YouTube. We will consider together whether the Readme file is needed for anything or not. Dawid will tell you about how to automate validation of your PR and much more.

Dawid has prepared a universal list of tools for you, which will be an ideal introduction to improving the work in your project and can be used as a checklist that will allow you to assess whether your project is actually carried out on the highest level.

We warn you that during the presentation, undemanding code fragments and terminology related to mobile applications may appear.

This webinar will give you a ready-to-use universal list of tools that can improve the quality of your project.


  1. Brief project story behind this presentation
  2. Readme — nobody likes writing documentation, but everyone likes to have it
  3. PR templates — do you know what the author meant?
  4. Package/dependency managers — “One setup to rule them all”
  5. Linter — the keeper of good style
  6. Danger — dangerous only in name
  7. Branch protection rules — “sorry I forgot” we say no
  8. Key-takeaways

Theoretical knowledge that you will gain:

  • Life-based story how to set up your mobile project
  • Checklist with tools that could help you verify the quality of your project

Practical skills that you will gain after the webinar:

  • Basic knowledge about Danger, Linter, branch protection rules, and more
  • Basic knowledge of how to automate some parts of your Code Review

Tools that you will get acquainted with:

  • Readme file,
  • Pull Request Template,
  • Linter,
  • Danger,
  • Branch protection rules

Who will be interested:

Testers and developers.

The minimum level of knowledge that a listener should have:

Basic knowledge about creating pull requests.


Dawid Bastek (Poland)

  • Dawid has been working with mobile applications since 2017 as a QA Engineer and Test Automation Specialist.
  • Dawid is the creator of “AppQa — Mobile Testing Meetup,” where he is trying to share knowledge about testing mobile applications in Poland.
  • A huge fan of DevOps culture and the automation of boring processes. You can find him on local fields chasing a frisbee in his free time.
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Запис вебінару How to Improve Your Mobile Project in 1 Day — A Guide for Everyone: youtu.be/Np9N3uTkfhc

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