Games Gathering 2022 Bratislava

18 — 21 жовтня
Bratislava, Hotel Tatra

Games Gathering 2022 Bratislava is an international game conference in Bratislava focused on the work skills upgrade, helping to find business partners or investors, and providing job opportunities.

Games Gathering 2022 Bratislava:

🔶a chance to unite the game industry from different countries in one space
🔶lectures by top specialists with real cases and personal secrets
🔶free booths at game projects exhibition Indie Blast
🔶a wide vacancies selection for various levels specialists on the Job Board
🔶leading gamedev professionals who are open for chat and work networking

What’s the plan?

October 18 — an online conference day
October 19 — Preparty for speakers and Business ticket holders
October 20-21 — the conference days at Hotel Tatra

🔥For more info and registration click here.

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