Мітап DevOps Talks (подія в архіві)

Took place
06 September (Tuesday)

More than 85% of companies will embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025, according to the technological research and consulting firm Gartner. It will be hard to execute companies’ digital strategies without using cloud-native architectures and technologies, a significant trend in DevOps. Indeed, nowadays, DevOps is more than just a term familiar to technical teams; it is also a part of a C-suite lexicon because it is hard to imagine a successful company without DevOps and its tools.

What are the most popular tools in the market? Of course, Kubernetes and Terraform are amongst them. According to the Cloud Native Survey, 96% of organizations worldwide already use or are evaluating Kubernetes as a core part of the infrastructure. And as reported by HashiCorp, Terraform has been downloaded more than 100 million times over its lifetime.

What are the pros and cons of these tools, and how do they work under the hood? We will discuss this during online DevOps Talks on September 6. For just two hours, you will learn about tips and tricks from experts, and on-hand experience they have gained over the years.

Meet the speakers and their topics:

  • Terraform. Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks by Ihor Kanivets, Advanced DevOps at Innovecs. Ihor has been working as a DevOps Engineer for 5 years. He will talk about modularity, resource import, provider debugging, etc. Ihor will also share his experience of covering existing infrastructure with Terraform.
  • Event Driven Auto-scaling for Kubernetes by Erekle Magradze, a co-founder of DevOps Georgia Organization. Currently, Erekle is a DevOps consultant, leads the Computer Science program at Ilia State University, Georgia, and is the head of the University Computing Center. He will describe and show different metrics which can be used for K8S auto-scaling for Event-Driven Infrastructure.

DevOps Talks details:

🔴 For whom: Middle, Senior DevOps Engineers with basic Terraform and Kubernetes knowledge; Terraform and Kubernetes experts eager to develop professionally.

🔴 How much: free; you must fill out the registration form: bit.ly/3B4VCsn
🔴 Where: online

🔴When: September 6, your local time: 4 PM (GMT+2), 5 PM (GMT+3), 6 PM (GMT+4), 9 PM (GMT-5).

▪ InnoHub — is an online platform for Engineering Leadership development. Our core purpose is to empower collaborative growth and build a community of engineering leaders. We believe engineering leaders are not only those who lead the team but everyone who develops innovations through everyday tasks as an expert.

▪ Innovecs — is a global digital transformation tech company. Our teams have been creating digital solutions powered by innovative technologies and incorporating emerging trends for ten years to help businesses transform and grow.

▪ DevOps Georgia — is a non-profit organization to support DevOps culture, spread knowledge, and host technology conferences.

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