Webinar “Beetup: Coding for Accessibility & Inclusion” (подія в архіві)

Took place
19 October (Wednesday)

More than 1 billion people worldwide live with some form of disability. At the same time, the accessibility of content on the Internet remains disappointingly low, with shopping sites being the least accessible, according to WebAIM.

Business-wise, companies that ignore digital accessibility standards miss a market of over $6 trillion in spending power and are prone to more legal risks.

All in all, the inability to access information online is not an option for our digital-first world, right?

So, on October 19, join Beetroot experts and prominent guests to talk about the technical, legal, and social aspects of digital accessibility. We will discuss practical tools and technologies to design, develop, and test for accessibility.

For this Beetup, we partnered with Accessibility.works, a brand of Propeller Media Works that has been focusing on accessible web design, digital marketing, and WCAG remediation since 1997.

Prep your questions for our fabulous speakers:
— Jay Mullen, Team Lead at Accessibility.Works
— Dave Gibson, Founder of Accessibility.Works
— Maksym Kalashnykov, WordPress Developer at Beetroot

The conference is free to attend (yeah).
So register now at forms.gle/oiMdVgnQvpsYdqDj8 and we will meet you on October 19, at 18:00.
It’s gonna be beetiful!

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Запис вебінару “Beetup: Coding for Accessibility & Inclusion”: youtu.be/5BPWBZumdyo

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