GCP Workshop “Building Real-Time Streaming Pipelines” (подія в архіві)

Took place
25 January (Wednesday)

Are you ready to take your data processing and analysis skills to the next level? Join our workshop on Building Real-Time Streaming Pipelines with Cloud Pub/Sub and Cloud Data Fusion and learn how to build and deploy scalable solutions together with Google Cloud.

You will discover:

☁️ Introduction to Cloud Pub/Sub

☁️ Configuring a Cloud Pub/Sub topic and subscription

☁️ Use Cloud Data Fusion to build and orchestrate streaming data pipeline

☁️ Integrating Cloud Data Fusion with BigQuery for storing streamed data

☁️ Sending messages to a Cloud Pub/Sub topic from source

☁️ Receive messages from a Cloud Pub/Sub subscription in real-time and process them using Data Fusion

With hands-on examples and expert instruction, you will gain the skills and knowledge to design and implement efficient streaming pipelines for your own data-driven projects. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your data analysis capabilities and drive better business outcomes. Sign up for the workshop now and take the first step towards real-time data success!

Guest speaker: Elena Mata Yandiola, Cloud Consultant at Google.

Moderated by: Vitaliy Bashun, Abiliton Senior Solutions Architect, Head of GCP Data and Analytics Practice at SoftServe

Demo by: Oleksandr Kalko, Lead Big Data Engineer at SoftServe

📍 Date: Jan 25, 2023

📍 Time: 17:00–18:30 CET

The event is free but registration is required.

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