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26 March (Sunday)

What do we offer?
InIT-Sprout presents the ultimate solution for mastering the art of presentation design. Whether you’re a novice designer, a copywriter, a marketer, a data analyst, a sales representative, or a career switcher, our program has everything you need to succeed. With three exciting segments — Basic Slides, Advanced Solutions, and Social Product — you’ll learn the latest design techniques and strategies, collaborate with industry experts, and gain real-world experience through real-life projects.
Join our community of Trend Heroes and Gain Heroes and unlock your full potential. Apply now and start your journey to success!

✔️ Start: 26.03.2023;
✔️ Duration: 6 weeks;
✔️ Peer-to-peer;
✔️ 8 hours a day, 5 days a week;
✔️ Dual Education;
✔️ Anytime & anywhere.

This program is designed for individuals who are looking to improve their presentation design skills, including:

  • Novice designers looking to develop their skills and create visually appealing and impactful presentations.
  • Copywriters and content creators who want to enhance their storytelling skills and create engaging and persuasive presentations.
  • Marketers who want to learn how to create effective marketing presentations and communicate brand messages.
  • Data analysts who need to communicate complex data and insights in a clear and concise manner through presentations.
  • Sales representatives who want to learn how to create persuasive sales presentations and pitch products and services.
  • Individuals looking to transition into a new career or develop new skills and want to create professional and impactful presentations for job interviews and job applications.
  • Product managers who need to effectively communicate product plans, progress, and results to stakeholders and team members through presentations.

Necessary Skills for Starting an Internship:

  • English Pre-Intermediate or higher (ex: able to understand and participate in workshops and mentorship sessions)
  • A willingness to learn and take on challenges (ex: spend 8 hours a day, 6 months dedicated to learning and growing as a designer)
  • Basic computer skills, including experience with presentation design software (ex: able to edit text and images in PowerPoint or Google Slides)

The Internship Program Includes:

  • Trends in Presentation Design (ex: learn about current design trends and how to incorporate them into your presentations)
  • Pains in Presentation Design (ex: understand common design challenges and how to overcome them)
  • Values in Presentation Design (ex: discover the importance of brand messaging and effective communication)
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship (ex: receive support and feedback from fellow interns and professionals)

Benefits of Internship at IT-Sprout:

  • Gain hands-on experience in presentation design (ex: design and create presentations for real clients)
  • Learn from industry experts and professionals (ex: attend workshops and one-on-one mentorship sessions)
  • Enhance your design portfolio (ex: showcase your work to potential employers)

After Successfully Completing the Internship:

  • Receive a certificate of completion from IT-Sprout (ex: recognized by companies and organizations as a professional designer)
  • Improved presentation design skills (ex: effectively communicate complex data and insights in a visually appealing manner)
  • Increased chances of getting hired (ex: stand out among other job applicants with a certificate and improved portfolio)

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