Курс «Розмовна технічна англійська для тест менеджерів» (подія в архіві)

27 березня (понеділок)
14400 грн.

A unique opportunity to simultaneously learn the profession of a tester and improve your spoken technical English for work in IT.

Take the “Technical English for QA Engineers” course and the Practical Course “Software Testing” (group 46) in parallel and get a 50% discount on the English course.

Learn testing and improve your professional English to become an ideal IT candidate in 3 months.

The course “Technical English for QA Engineers” is designed for significant professional improvement in the Software Quality Assurance area with the intention to support QA Engineers with Professional knowledge improvement as well as with English Spoken Skills development.

Course purpose:

Prepare QA Engineers for professional duties that require proficiency in English, master the necessary grammatical aspects and terminology for working with documentation, as well as learn the basics of professional communication in English.

The main program goals:

  • Talk the Talk

In the Technical English Speaking classroom, students do most of the talking. The intent behind the communicative approach to speaking is to have students practice Technical/ QA English without fear of awkwardness.

  • Real-Life Scenarios

The focus is on utilizing real-work situations to allow students to practice using language for context and content.
Techniques include modeling, repetition, and pair and group work to help students develop communicative competencies.

  • Working Together

Having students work together not only encourages them to engage with the language meaningfully but it also holds the potential to gamify the class and incentivize active participation.

  • Integrate Reading, Writing, and Speaking

Activities that integrate multiple language skills can enhance communication-based English second Language education by offering students the chance to practice multiple skills.

The teachers of this course will use the CLIL approach.

In our course, the professional QA content and the English language are equally important in the learning process.

This approach to studying professional English:

  • enables learners to use English in real-life situations
  • guides the learners in reaching communicative competence through constant dialogue-based interaction
  • helps to understand and produce meaning in different spontaneous social contexts
  • allows to produce and understand different contents
  • helps to use alternative strategies to interact with another person.

We will also consider:

• grammatical aspects: Tenses, Voices, Modal Verbs, Participles, etc.

• stylistic aspects of technical documentation: Tense Usage, Active Voice vs Passive, etc.

• templates for writing such parts of documents as introduction, purpose, summary, etc.

• professional communication (e-mail writing, conference calls, meetings, presentations).

Each lesson on the course will include:

  • consideration of a professional topic,
  • key vocabulary,
  • listening&video watching,
  • speaking,
  • reading,
  • writing,
  • grammar,
  • games,
  • assessment tests and not only.


Anna Savchuk

  • English teacher with 12 years of teaching experience.
  • 2016 — CELTA certificate, 2020 — Certificate of Language Coaching, 2021 — Micromasters Program in Instructional Design.

Anna’s teaching method:

  • A communicative, personalized approach with elements of language coaching, which is aimed at determining the goals of the student’s language improvement and time frames, taking into account the student’s educational characteristics and preferences.
  • Determination of the most important aspects of language learning and ways of improvement using various interactive means of presenting, learning and consolidating the material.

Details and course program.

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