Course “English for QA Managers (C1 and higher)” від Quality Assurance Group (подія в архіві)

Took place
15 May (Monday)
17100 грн.

The course “English for QA Managers”

This course aims to improve your professional skills in Quality Assurance Management by using a groundbreaking approach called Neurolanguage Coaching, as well as allowing you to utilize and consolidate your knowledge in your professional area while sharpening your speaking skills.

This course is for you if you are looking:

  • to master your speaking skills
  • to expand your vocabulary range
  • to climb your career ladder
  • to achieve oral proficiency
  • to dive into the world of collocations, idioms, and phrasal verbs used by native speakers
  • to learn how to collaborate successfully
  • to communicate effectively and influence stakeholders
  • to work with a mentor who will provide you with the right techniques to achieve your goals as well as gain independence in the language learning process

The main program goals:

  • Speaking Mastery

In the Technical English Speaking classroom, students do most of the talking (70-80%). The intent behind this approach is to have students incorporate Technical/ QA English into practice straight away to consolidate their vocabulary mastery and transform passive knowledge into active usage.

  • Tailored Classes

In our first session, you’ll have a unique chance to express your expectations regarding the course that will allow your coach to create tailor-made classes, after which you’ll see tangible steps towards your personal goals.

  • Career-related Content

Language acquisition is more efficient through exposure to real-world English and utilization of passive and active vocabulary in work-related situations so that students are allowed to achieve a deeper level of assimilation and consolidation.

  • Continuous Guidance

Neurolanguage Coaching does not only entail having classes and developing your skills, but is a rather continuous process where your coach assists you in structuring your language learning routine, provides you with all the best techniques for learning ANY language, supports you throughout your language journey (24/7), and is willing to give you a hand outside the classroom if you need urgent help in work-related situations.

The teacher of this course will use the Neurolanguage Coaching approach.

With Neurolanguage Coaching, students are given the opportunity to share their specific needs, goals, and expectations, which the coach will incorporate into the course.

Moreover, this method combines neuroscience, coaching, and psychology with teaching to achieve greater and longer-lasting results.

The coach nurtures your competencies, helps you figure out a language learning routine that works best for you, provides mentorship in case you have emotional obstacles standing in the way of becoming proficient, and brings neuroplasticity into action.


Olha Yavorska

  • Dedicated Neurolanguage coach, Business English tutor, and exam trainer focused on nurturing students’ love of the language.
  • Committed to finding the best methods to achieve greater results.
  • Certified by Efficient Language Learning and accredited by the International Coach Federation with 10+ years of experience in educating adults, teenagers, and children.
  • Incorporates principles of Neurolanguage coaching, neuroscience, and 3Ms, 5Cs, PACT PQC, SMART models to boost learners’ speaking skills and deliver tangible results

Details and course program.

Registration for the course.

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