Front End Ops Conf

24 — 25 апреля 2014
Сан-Франциско, Калифорния, США, Terra Gallery (map)

Front End Ops Conf is a new, 2-day conference in San Francisco dedicated to Front End Operations, an emerging discipline in web application development and engineering. As web functionality has evolved and users expectations grown, so too has the experience of developing for it. Apps today are written quicker, with more features, for an increasing number of browsers and devices. But no matter how many features your application has or how sexy they are, they’re of no value if you aren’t delivering them bug-free to the end user.

At Front End Ops Conf, we’ll be exploring new ideas around topics such as test automation and application monitoring. We’ll see the latest tools for deployment and monitoring, and we’ll hear first-hand experiences from the developers who have put them to use. Expect to learn about the build tool chain and front-end operations process unified by the guiding principles of performance and maintainability. Expect to hear on topics such as:

Development Process: covering build (packaging, tooling, requirejs/browserify, page-weight, compositing, etc.), versioning, CI, staging, testing and deployment/rollback

Development Monitoring: presentations on app feature and performance regressions, build times, test run duration, deployment complexity and duration

Mobile: discuss constraints, feature support and fragmentation, testing (emulated, real device), differences from Web vis-a-vis few resources, mobile carrier networks)

Monitoring: perspectives on logging events, errors, stack traces, 3rd party monitoring services

Client Side Analysis: topics such as speed metrics (location, browser, scrolling, animations, layout thrashing, memory profiles, rendering), comparison/breaking changes, resource sizes (internal and external), API request performance, page load speed, dev tools, analysis tools

Application Maintenance: sessions on library and dependency updates, tool upgrades (understanding improvements and issues), versioning, caching, monitoring, migrations and migration dependencies

The Role of the Front-End Operations Engineer: communicate with QA/give demos, escalation when thresholds are compromised, degraded metrics, performance threshold breach, evangelizing and understanding new technology and use cases

The full speaking roster and presentation line up is now available here, and a limited number of tickets are still available!

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