QA Spring Fest Online (подія в архіві)

Took place
11 — 12 April

Join us at QA Spring Fest on March 11-12th for an exciting two-day online event full of insightful sessions on Quality Assurance!

It is tailored to all QA engineers looking to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

  • On April 11th at 17:00 (CEST), we’ll have a session by one of our QA engineers.

Alexandr Grisin with the topic — “Covering all bases: Comprehensive Web Application Testing.”

This practical overview will give you a comprehensive understanding of the modern QA role in adapting the test pyramid model to web application development using common testing practices and a single JavaScript-based technology stack. You’ll learn about the integration with tools like Storybook, Jest, Cypress, Playwright, Lighthouse, Axe-core, and Percy to cover non-functional and visual aspects of the testing cycle.

  • On April 12th at 17:00 (CEST), our expert speakers will have two more sessions.

Dmitrii Shatrov will speak about “Accessibility testing,” which will include general concepts, provisions, and tools for testing applications (UI/UX) for accessibility by Manual QA Engineers.

Finally, Igor Lukianenkov will talk about “When to start and end your work (DoD/DoR).” This session will cover the common knowledge of process organization in the project, examples of using DoD/DoR on real projects, and the pros and cons of applying the DoD/DoR concept to the project.

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Hello! Could you tell me if there’s an event record available afterwards? Thanks)

Yes, please register and we will send you the recording on the next week.

Hello, I assume the Festival will take place on April 11-12? Or March 2024?

Андрію, доброго ранку! Дякую за вашу уважність. Вже уточнюю цю інформацію у організаторів.

Thank you, Andrii! Yes, the event is in April.

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