Online Conference for Swift Developers: iOS&MacOS Development Summit’23 (подія в архіві)

Took place
10 — 11 October

What is the event about?

iOS Development Fundamentals and Advanced Features

[] The latest iOS 16 features and improvements
[] Integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence in iOS apps
[] SwiftUI and declarative user interface design in iOS apps
[] ARKit and augmented reality app development for iOS
[] iOS app development for the Apple M1 chip
[] Swift programming language updates and developments
[] iOS app security best practices and guidelines

User Experience and Design in iOS Development

[] Accessibility and inclusive design in iOS app development
[] Designing for the latest iOS device form factors, including the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro
[] SwiftUI and Combine framework integration in iOS app development
[] Integrating Siri and voice assistant functionality in iOS apps
[] Apple Pay and payment integration in iOS apps
[] App Clips and quick actions in iOS app development
[] Privacy and data protection in iOS app development

Advanced iOS Development Techniques

[] iOS app testing and debugging techniques
[] Localization and internationalization of iOS apps
[] Server-side Swift development for iOS apps
[] Multiplatform app development with SwiftUI and Xcode
[] Push notifications and background app refresh in iOS app development
[] CarPlay and integration with third-party apps in iOS


More details on the website:

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