Webinar “Numbers that matter: product analytics for startups” (подія в архіві)

Took place
03 October (Tuesday)

Welcome to Flyer One Ventures’ upcoming webinar about efficient product analytics for startups, featuring F1V advisor Liliia Lutsenko.

Liliia Lutsenko is a Senior Product Analyst at Wise and a lecturer at Laba Business School. Previously, she had worked as a Product Analyst at BetterMe, where she used data insights to help the company develop its four products. During her career at KPMG Ukraine, she conducted business analytics for leading state companies and NGOs.

In this lecture, Liliia Lutsenko will share how a startup can benefit from product analytics to get user insights and enhance their product. She will cover the following topics:

— Building and improving the product analytics system at a startup;

— Key product metrics that startups should track;

— 3 ways to find data insights without hiring an analyst.

“Not all startups focus on product analytics. For example, companies looking for their product-market fit and working on balancing unit economics may not give it top priority. However, for startups that have already found product-market fit and reached profitability, product analytics can be a great tool to find growth opportunities,” says Liliia Lutsenko.

Event Details

— Date & time: October 3rd at 6 pm (CET)

— Duration: ~ 60 min

— Place: Online

— Register here and submit your questions for the speaker: lu.ma/grwt2btu

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