Offline event “AI for design and business” (подія в архіві)

Took place
21 November (Tuesday)
Warsaw, Google for Startups Campus

Knock-knock! Who’s there? AI!

There’s a topic that we think about almost as often as about the Roman Empire and Regency Period, and this is artificial intelligence. And we would like to discuss it during the upcoming event at Google for Startups, taking a closer look at its role in design and business.

This time we are meeting on the 21st of November for a series of short professional lectures, brought to us by specialists working with AI in a day-to-day manner.

We will learn about AI in skills matching during the hiring process. We will take a closer look at the skills-based hiring and global trends presented based on the data from World Economic Forum, McKinsey and Linkedin and some more. It will be presented to us by Anna Chernysh from Lezo.

We will take a closer look at different ways and examples of applying AI into the creative industry, from game design to advertising. About that topic we are going to learn from Przemek Chojecki, PhD in math and CEO of

We will also explore how to improve and simplify business operations with AI products, and we will see customers’ success stories. We will see what is the connection between user demand and shaping AI products, this time instead of the ways the AI is shaping us. This will bring to us Tania Markosian from Let’s Enhance.

Join us at Google for Startups Campus Warsaw on the 21st of November at 18:00 and register now through the link:

The event is free of charge due to the previous registration.

Please take a document with a photo to enter a venue, either physical or electronic.

The event will be held in English

See you there!

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