Registration is now closed! C++ Unreal Engine 5 Internship at Dragons Lake (подія в архіві)

Took place
21 February (Wednesday)

Registration is now closed.
Thank you for your interest in the internship. It would have been wonderful to get to know you, but we value your time and want to inform you that the selection for this group has already concluded.

Are you looking for ways to start your career in gamedev as a C++ Engine/UE Developer? 🎮Then grab a cool opportunity to break into the industry this February!

We are looking for talented and driven interns to join Dragons Lake C++ Unreal Engine 5 Internship 🚀

Dragons Lake is a multi-genre game development studio for PC and consoles. We work on top AAA titles such as Outriders, The Quarry, Life is Strange, and many others.

The internship is a great chance to explore gamedev and start your career. You’re on the road to success if you have good knowledge of C++, linear algebra and excellent English ✨

Take up the quest and follow these steps to enter the internship:

👉 Send an application;

👉 Do a test task — it takes 1 week ≈ 30-40 hours;

👉 Have technical and soft skills interview — 1,5 hours;

👉 Have final interview with the Lead trainer.

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to utilize your C++ knowledge and enhance your expertise by creating singleplayer and multiplayer games. Throughout the program, you will gain new skills, ranging from designing game mechanics and systems to writing code related to network logic.

We offer 800+ hours of hands-on experience and non-stop learning over 6 months of remote full-time work from anywhere to immerse yourself in the industry 🗺️🎮

Successful interns will have the opportunity to join the Dragons Lake team as C++ Engine/UE Developers and will receive an additional sign-in bonus for their dedicated efforts. 🔥

So don’t miss your chance to become the next gamedev hero — places are limited 🦸Learn more about the opportunity and apply via this link 👈

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Всім дякуємо. Набір завершено.

Який час очікування результатів?

The website states that the internship will be in Ukrainian. Will the interview also be in Ukrainian?

Hello from the Dragons Lake team! We appreciate your interest in our internship. The interview will mainly be held in Ukrainian, though the interviewer may switch to English for some questions.

How long does the application processing usually last? And if my appication doesn’t succeed will I get a message?

Можу припустити, що відповідь може надійти через 1-2 тижні. Або коли набереться певна кількість учасників для надання всім тестового завдання. На тестове виділяється один тиждень, тому більш за все відповідь прийде на протязі наступних тижнів, беручи до уваги те, що стажування починається 26 лютого .
Але це все мої здогадки...)

я подивився на форму тої ж компанії в іншому офері, і побачив що там срок 7 днів. питання само відпало, просто на сайті немає можливості видаляти питання, а я був неуважний.

Greetings from the Dragons Lake team! Thank you for your interest in our Internship. We will respond to all applicants within 7 business days from the moment of registration submission. Applicants whose experience currently does not meet the internship requirements will also receive notification by email.

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